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Zey & Michael's Garden Pages

     When Zey and I found this place, we were both struck with the energy of the garden. It was amazing! It was in August, so the garden was still in full stride. It seems that the garden was planned in such a way that there was always something new blooming.
In an attempt to figure out where and what everything was, I started shooting photos of the wide variety of flowers in the garden. There was always some surprise waiting for us: from the clematis blooming on the side fence, to the blackberry poking up it's nasty little heads, and the raspberries hiding out by the greenhouse. It's been a lot of work, trying to stay on top of the garden and the pond, but it's been a labor of love. I've almost gotten a full year of updates, so we'll be able to finally take a look at it with a perspective that's way different from a year ago.

Current Garden Albums posted online:
January, '08
March, '08
April, '08
May, '08

May Flowers '08
June, '08
July, '08
August, '08
September, '08
October, '08
In November, I actually didn't take any pictures in the garden! I did, however, take some pictures of our Christmas Cactus that was blooming very happily in the dining room. The album is HERE. Arctic Blast, December '08
January, '09
First Bloom, February '09
Picking up speed, March '09
Almost Everyone's here!, April '09
Don't leave The Garden untended: May and June
September, '09
Early Spring, 2010

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